Thai Yoga Therapy

Energetic, Spiritual, and Physical Wellness

Thai Yoga Therapy is an ancient and sacred system of healing with roots in Yoga, Ayurevdic Medicine, and Buddhist spiritual practice.  It is a system of Yoga Therapy, which combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, assisted Yoga stretching exercises, gentle twisting, energy work, and meditation.  
This work aids in releasing stress and tension, increases vitality and well-being; and it deepends the connection between mind, body and spirit in both the giver and the receiver.  Thai Yoga Therapy also integrates other techniques and practices of Yoga and Yoga Therapy, including restorative Yoga, breathwork, pranic healing, mediation, and deep relaxation to make this system complete, balanced and deeply therapeutic.  
In this unique healing system of Thai Yoga Therapy, also called Nuad Boran, the practitioner manually guides the client through a series of Yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body's energy "Sen" lines and pressure points.  As a healing modality, it helps to create space for energy to MOVE throughout the body; and in order for healing to occur, energy must move!
Some benefits of Thai Yoga Therapy:
*Releases stress and tension
*Increases flexibility and suppleness
*Deeply relaxing
*Increases blood and lymph flow
*Brings the systems of the body into balance
*Releases imotional blockages
*Deepens the connections between body, mind, and spirit
Thai Yoga Therapy (TYT) clients shall receive the most benefits from their sessions by taking a roughly 2-hour session.  A one to one and a half hour session can be arranged also.  All clients remain fully clothed (except socks will be removed); and are asked to wear comfortable clothing such as sweats, Yoga clothing, active wear, etc. with at least a short sleeve shirt.
People with certain injuries, conditions or illnesses such as high blood pressure, pregnancy, hypertension, communicable illnesses or diseases, etc. may not be safe candidates for TYT.  ALWAYS check with your doctor to be sure that you are healthy enough to receive this type of bodywork.  $180 per +/- 2hour session